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I Don’t Get It

   I don’t get it. I made the mistake of  tuning  in to network news, only to be greeted with the fact that the  Russian army has invaded the Republic of Ukraine. As expected, our own “fearless leader” responded with the usual condemnation of “aggression” against a sovereign country by an outside force. Great!!! Just what we need; Another pissing contest between Putin and Obama and a reverting to the good old days of the Cold War.  

   This got me to thinking, which usually gets me into trouble. I am nearing my sixty-fifth birthday now and if memory serves me correctly, in that span of six decades America has exhibited a great deal of aggression in just about every corner of the globe. I am too young to really remember the Korean conflict. It can’t be called a war because a formal declaration of war was never issued. Nonetheless, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives in the “police action”.

   The 1960’s saw my coming of age and a new battlefield in the headlines, Vietnam. Just what the hell American forces were doing there, no one has provided a satisfactory answer to. It was justified by bullshit and outright lies by the intelligence community and the military. I use the  term “intelligence’ in the loosest possible manner. As a result, over 58,000 Americans lost their lives. For what?

   In the years since, I seem to remember almost unilateral aggressive actions against Granada, Panama, Somalia, Iraq,(not once, but twice) Afghanistan, and threats against both Iran and North Korea. I omit other covert actions that we aren’t made aware of. All of the above are justified by simply using the time worn cliché, national security. We were spoon fed lies about Weapons of mass destruction and imminent threats to the security of the United States. And true to form, we seem to swallow the crap, hook, line, and sinker every single time.

   I guess what my rant is leading up to is simply this. Man has built for himself a society based upon competition, brutality and aggression. And aggression is aggression, regardless of who is inflicting it upon others. Until the human race awakens to the reality that we can no longer accept the old ways of doing things, the old norms, aggression and brutality will continue to be the way of the world. Is the President of the United States correct in condemning the Russian government for its actions in Ukraine? Absolutely so. But the pot is calling the kettle black here. And both Russia and America need to step back and try to see the world from a global point of view. Is this ever going to happen? Probably not. At least I can dream of a world free from aggression, a world safe for my children and their children.


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