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More New Photos!

August 15, 2012 4 comments

I’m so happy!  I just got my new film back and my images look great!  I found this spot not far from the trail one day when I was out fishing on the McKenzie ( I caught a nice, 12-inch rainbow, by the way) and I went back last week to make this photograph.  I really love this image.  This little spot looks like it’s been transported to the present from deep time.

This image is the same root formation I photographed with my digital a couple of weeks ago.  This one was taken with my Crown Graphic 4×5 on Velvia 50 at f22.25.

I hope everyone enjoys these as much as I enjoyed making them!


Ana River Redux

Fishing the Ana River at dawn

Fishing the Ana River at dawn. Click on image for best quality.

Yes, that’s a kilt.  You can get yours here:

So, I decided to give the Ana River a second chance.  This time, I started at the headwaters below the reservoir and worked my way down stream for about a mile and a half.  I arrived at the reservoir at 1 PM and fished until 6.  I caught one fish about 5 inches long.  It was pathetic.

I decided to pack it in for the day and headed down the road to my camping spot.  That is where I took this photo.

The following morning, I arose before sunrise to get some photos in the early light and decided I’d had enough of the Ana River – or maybe, she’d had enough of me.  Either way, we were through with each other.  I packed up all my gear and started heading back toward the Cascades and home.

Since I had to go past Diamond Lake on my way home, I decided to stop there and try my luck.  Some of the largest trout ever caught in Oregon have come out of Diamond Lake.  It can be very productive.

I arrived at Diamond Lake at 8:30 in the morning, rented a small boat, and was out on the water by 9.  I tried every trick I had in my tackle box: nightcrawlers, power bait, spinners, spoons, and flat fish; I trolled up and down, back and forth, and around the edges.  At one point, I dropped anchor just off the reeds at the north end, set a big, fat nightcrawler dowsed in krill oil in my hook, floated it off the bottom a few feet and took a nap in the boat.

By 4 PM, I was still empty handed.  Seven hours of solid fishing and nothing but a sunburn to show for it.  When I got back to the marina at the end of the day, I asked if anyone else had brought anything in and the word was that no one was catching anything.  Apparently, the lake wasn’t giving anything up that day.  So I didn’t feel so bad.

On the way home, I stopped and took this photo:

Stump Lake. Click on image for best quality.

At least I got some decent photos out of the trip.

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